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Origin: Burlington, VT

Genre: Folk/Country/Americana

Years Active: 2008-Present




Eric George is a Vermont-based songwriter, sound engineer, and performer of original music and poetry. One of the most prolific folk musicians of the Northeast music scene, he is intent upon maintaining the integrity of traditional American folk music while taking a contemporary approach to songwriting. His albums are held in handmade books, each one printed, cut, and sewed by George and his friends in Burlington, Vermont. There he has made a name for himself as a constant creator and community-oriented collaborator. His music spans genres, from Appalachian ballad singing to experimental folk and even punk rock, while maintaining a deep rooted love for the art of storytelling.

"Not About Nightingales offers strong melodies built upon delta blues and folk influences, nice arrangements and Eric’s comfortable voice. The inclusion of rock and bluegrass elements and even a bit of jazz influence, provide the folk melodies with alluring nuances. If you’re into good, easy-to-listen-to folk music, then this album is for you."

   - Randy Radic, Huffington Post

"Eric George is one of the smartest songwriters in the entire indie folk scene and nobody knows it. That isn’t to say that nobody knows him—or, at least by this point he should have the entire state of Vermont on his side—but he wraps his way around the intricacies of his arrangements so deftly that one wouldn’t be mistaken, from a laymen’s perspective, to call his work ‘simple.'"

    - Jonathan Frahm, For Folk's Sake 


“George sings in strides across instrumentation influenced by the traditions of folk, bluegrass and country music. Lyrically, he walks through applications of common sense, a transcendentalist in a technocracy.”

       - Amelia Devoid, Seven Days VT

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